Simple switch: Dryer sheets

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Dryer sheets are a surprisingly nasty household item - Not only can they raise cancer risk (check out this news article featuring a study by my favorite researcher, Dr. Anne Steinemann), but the chemicals they leave on your clothes can cause asthma to develop in otherwise healthy people. I especially do not want my son exposed to those toxic chemicals! I ditched dryer sheets years ago and have never, ever missed them - The laundry detergent I used for a long time contained a natural coconut-based fabric softener, but since I've just switched to a new laundry detergent (product review coming up shortly!), I'm waiting to see if the softness of my clothes takes a hit. If it does, I'll be picking up a set of wool dryer balls - I've stocked a few different kinds in the Harmless Home Amazon Shop right here. Wool dryer balls soften your clothes naturally and decrease drying time by up to 25% (sounds like a dream if you wash and dry cloth diapers like we do!) - They'll last for a thousand loads and cut down on wrinkles and static. Compare those benefits to the miserable EWG scores of every single Bounce product - This simple switch is a BIG win for your family and your health!

Special thanks to Angela for suggesting this topic :)


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